Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 31/02/2021

Kingsley Veterinary Hospital is closely monitoring the developing situation with COVID-19. We are following the

updated reports and advice from the Australian Dept of Health.

The health and welfare of our patients, clients and veterinary staff are of paramount importance to us. We will aim to

provide the highest standard of care possible and we will always be available for advice.

What are we doing at our hospital

- We have rigorous health and hygiene practices, and we have also added some other precautionary measures:

- Regularly disinfecting public areas and toilets including handles, chair surfaces, reception bench area and front

  door four times daily

- We have a large spacious waiting room with two entry doors and two separate consulting rooms to ensure

  adequate social distancing.

- If you would prefer to stay with your pet in the car until the vet is ready to see you, please call the reception and

 let us know.

- To minimise time spent in the waiting room please call prior to your appointment and we can advise you if we

  are running on time or not.

- Placing hand sanitisers on our reception area and consultation rooms

- A strict wellness policy, employees must stay home if they are showing any signs of illness. Plus, they require a

  doctor’s certificate before returning to work

- We are not shaking hands, give us a wave or an elbow bump instead!

If you have an appointment for your pet for a health check, vaccination or they are unwell, please come in and see us,

it’s important you keep up with your pets health regime.